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The Polcar Advantage

Polcar distinguishes itself for 30 years:

  • Comprehensive specialization in the range of body and associated parts.
  • The largest European warehouse constructed to store large body parts, soon to have over 110,000 m2 storage area.
  • Widest choice based on all available OEM/OES parts and several levels of alternative parts as well.
  • Philosophy of fair choice
  • Professional description and identification of parts according to the Quality classification of EC Block Exemption Regulation 461/2010 (GVO).
  • European storage hub for over 300 worldwide producers, providing constant availability of their products.
  • Goods purchased (no proxies) directly from factories plus frequent visits to check production lines.
  • Our warehouse is a European storage place for over 300 worldwide manufacturers, providing constant availability of their products.
  • Specialization in factory packaging. Polcar doesn’t offer products coming from the same production line in different packaging or branding.
  • More than 130,000 items in our range.
  • Unique catalogue with 90,000 high-density photos taken in our own studio.
  • From the very beginning the company has followed Christian ethics which are manifested in our individual approach to each client and respect to customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Company activity has been financed by our own funds keeping us a 100% Polish enterprise.
  • Polcar strongly supports independent regional distributors in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this policy Polcar never becomes a competitor with its own customers.
  • Success-oriented professional staff of more than 520 people.
  • Our company founder with co-creators personally run the business and maintain vital relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Own brand SRL (