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About SRL brand

Nowadays there is a wide selection of products from numerous suppliers available on the automotive spare parts market. Among them there is a constant growth of brands created by spare parts distributors. One of them is SRL (Selected Replacement Line) - the brand created by Polcar. Our solid position on the market, as well as long-term experience, has lead us to create a brand of carefully selected products that meet safety requirements and quality standards e.g. TÜV, AMTAC, etc.

Taking into consideration changes in the automotive market it is easy to observe that  companies offering original parts have moved production to subcontractors. These parts are later packed into their brand name boxes in order to be sold at prices several times higher than production costs. Owing to careful selection of manufacturers and their products, our customers  have access to parts used on car assembly lines. Thanks to low margins these prices are much lower.

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